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Organising a childrens disco can be great fun and very rewarding. I’m here to make choosing the right venue and best DJ for your children’s party a little easier!

Children's Disco for a birthday surprise

Here’s a childrens disco with the WOW factor!
How cool to throw a magical kids birthday party and invite all their friends along for an afternoon disco.

I was invited to DJ at Poppy’s 11th birthday party at Hockley Community Centre Essex. Getting that awesome shot of friends gathered around the cake was important, and I was very pleased with the way the photos came out.

Childrens Discos

Childrens birthday party is a huge success!

You could theme the party with glow in the dark sticks and darken the hall for amazing effect. See here for photos of how this could look Glow in the dark themed party

Childrens Birthday

Check out the smiles as Poppy and friends dance the afternoon away to great chart songs. Many of her friends attend dance schools and clubs, and rehearsed some routines to the delight of everyone present.

I was asked to be photographer for the afternoon to capture some of the birthday party action. All photos will be put on CD for Poppy’s parents to enjoy memories of the perfect childrens disco birthday party.

Dance School

More pictures from Poppy's special day

children disco dancing
Children Dancing
Childrens Discos
Childrens Party

Childrens Disco and photo package

Please call me to check availability for your childrens birthday party DJ and if required a photography service too. My prices are very reasonable with discounts for a childrens disco held on a weekday Monday to Thursday, or a Sunday.

I also have compiled a list of local venues for birthday parties with contact numbers and photos, together with my own reviews. If you would like to ‘brainstorm’ me for a good venue in your area please call me, and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

Take some time and look around my website, and if you need a quote for a childrens disco please call 01702 200800

Make sure you look at my Gallery which shows my photos and reviews of other desireable childrens disco venues in Essex.

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