Christening DJ

To help you celebrate your special family day you might want to hire a Christening DJ at your party. The kind of DJ you need is one that can play some nice background music while your guests chat and enjoy the afternoon. An Essex DJ who knows how to turn the music down as well as up !

Christening DJ

You don’t want to be blasted out with the music played at too high a volume making it hard to speak. Nor have a ‘Star Wars’ sized lighting rig to give everyone a migraine.

Christening DJ local to Southend Billericay and Chelmsford

I have many years of experience not just as a christening DJ but playing music at all kinds of events. Tese include Weddings, Engagement parties and Children’s birthdays. I’m able to cater for a complete spectrum of ages, balancing the music to please all your guests. Nothing is too much trouble.

I cover the Southend Essex area but also Romford Ilford Hornchurch and Hainault.

Your choice of music

Prior the big day you are welcome to send me a playlist with any particular music you would like to hear. If you need ideas of music for your DJ to play you can Google search and find lots of info and tunes to help you. You are also welcome to put request slips around the tables asking guests to fill in a few favorites. Hand these to me during the afternoon and I will be more than happy to play any music that’s right for the moment.

DJ and Photographer package

With all your family and friends present for this special occasion you won’t want to miss out on some great photos. So there’s no need to hire an expensive photographer if you just want some decent shots without getting too costly.

I have an expensive camera and love to mingle with guests building a repertoire. I can take informal photos and I have a ‘birds eye’ view over the dance area so I can capture the mood as it evolves. I’m your perfect DJ !

Call me NOW to check on availability for me to DJ for your Christening and let me quote you happy 🙂

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Where to have your Christening party

I have made an A to Z list of all the Christening venues across Essex with reviews and photos. This can be found here, or alternatively just call me with your choices. I will give you my honest opinion and recommend a few good venues for a lovely christening party.

A to Z of Christening Venues
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