Civil Partnership

I had the pleasure of being the DJ at a civil partnership recently held at The Lawn, Rochford, where two girls got married. Here’s my take on their special day.

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Civil Partnership: A Lovely Ceremony and Reception

A Civil Partnership is much more common nowadays. I wondered if any of the guests, or the couple themselves would feel self conscious or awkward. In reality the whole wedding was absolutely fantastic! Both girls had a magical wedding reception, very comfortable around all of their guests, who wished them all the happiness in the world. This civil partnership was the first I had attended, and I was very impressed the way all of the guests were focused on the whole ceremony being a perfect and very happy occasion.

Civil Partnership: The First Dance

I was concerned how I should introduce the ‘Bride and Bride’ to the dance floor for their very first slow dance. Perhaps I should have asked them for guidance, but I didn’t give it a thought until that moment! I opted by just announcing their names, but I did wonder after how correctly to refer to the wedded couple. They clearly loved each other very much and seemed the perfect match. No one was concerned at all that it was two girls getting married, what mattered the most was just how happy they were. It was a very happy and special day for them.

Civil Partnership: Records not to play

I always ask the couple for a play list of wedding music before the event to find out what they really like and dislike. One record I was asked not to play, was ‘Wham – I’m Your Man’, which did make me smile!

It was a pleasure be their DJ at this Civil partnership at The Lawn Rochford. Everyone clearly enjoyed the day, and I look forward to be present at more in the future. To enquire about wedding entertainment for your own reception simply call me, Geoff GroveĀ 01702 200800