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Wouldn’t it be nice when throwing a birthday party or family get together to have someone taking pictures! AND playing the music – a DJ Photographer Package ! Well here I am – ready for any kind of party, and all kinds of people!

Unique DJ Photographer Package - get the whole picture..

I love DJing, and I also love photography. I like making people smile and capturing it. See them having a great time – and that’s when they look their best too!
So my idea was born, mixing a hobby with a job I loved doing – so I’m now a DJ Photographer !

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DJ Photographer

When your wedding photographer has left the party, usually after the first slow dance, I’m here ready to take over. With a ‘Birds eye’ view of the dance floor, it would be crazy to miss such a good photo opportunity! So I can capture shots like these, when the party is really starting to get going!

It’s fun to shoot photos with the disco lighting casting a varying background. Each shot is unique.

Party DJ Photo

Jade’s Wedding Photographer had left her party at 8pm but with so many photo opportunities all around, I was glad I brought my camera along!

Conventional Wedding Photographers and Event Photographers charge lots of money. They are skilled at what they do, and the equipment is expensive. The pressure is on to get the perfect shot every time.

Don’t miss special moments like this – Have me ready to capture everything that’s going on. Not only do I play the music, i’m darting in and out with my camera all night!

Wedding Photography Essex
Wedding Photographer

Things are a little different for me in that I’m already at your party, I know what tunes are coming up next so I can manipulate your guests and arrange them into position using the mic.

I can organise a massive fantastic group shot with all your close friends and family in it with you. It will include all who have travelled long distances to be at this one important event, capturing that moment permanently.

When your family bring out the birthday cake I can be ready to freeze that special moment in time. Simply ask me for a DJ Photographer quote.

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As well as supplying you with a memory stick of high quality photos, I can upload a selection of images on my website so that you can share a link with friends via email or Facebook. They can preview the photos from anywhere in the world, and if they would like a copy on memory stick with all the photos on, I can post one out directly to them, worldwide.

Wedding Photographer

So how does it work?

I take an unlimited amount of photos during the evening, then once home I edit them, and upload to Google Cloud Space. I then give you the web link which you can share around with all of your friends and guests. Everyone gets to see and enjoy all of the photos. Because there are no hidden extras they get to enjoy them all without watermarking, and they can either just view the thumbnails, or download them for higher quality.

I usually just quote for the evening photography in conjunction with the DJ service, however if you would like a quote for the daytime shots if it’s a wedding, please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise and quote. It makes so much more sense to book a DJ Photographer but so far as I know, I’m the ONLY DJ offering this service.

DJ Photographer Package Prices

The camera equipment I use is expensive. I use a Canon 5d Mk3 which new costs £3600 for the camera and lens! I’m no professional, but click here to check out my Photo Gallery and see the standard of shots I’ve taken at various functions and judge for yourself if having your own personal DJ Photographer is something you would be interested in.

Photography DJ

My prices are so low – to make it affordable to anyone booking a party with me. If you’re on a tight budget I’m your man! Simply call me to discuss your expectations and requirements.

My DJ Photographer Package won’t cost you a fortune so take me up on my offer and call me now – before someone else ‘snaps me up’ for the night!

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