DJ Prices

DJ Prices for weddings or birthdays vary so much between entertainers. As with all things, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good value, the most expensive doesn’t always equate to the best performer! Looking for a Local DJ in or near Southend Billericay or Chelmsford please read my article, then make your choice!

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DJ Prices for a Wedding

DJ Prices are often increased as soon as you contact a DJ or other supplier and mention it’s for a wedding – because they know that your budget is higher than that of a birthday party. Sure, a wedding DJ has to cater for a wide range of guests at your function, but it’s not really any harder than at a birthday party, or any other event. That’s my view. So how much should you pay? Be on guard then against greedy DJs ‘charging the earth’ for a service no better than somebody else’s, hiking the price artificially.

I just spoke to someone asking me for the price to DJ at their wedding reception. They had booked one of the major wedding venues in Chelmsford (without naming names). I asked them what DJ prices they had been quoted for a wedding disco on a Friday night. They replied, £450 ! Now bearing in mind that most DJs don’t get paid that much per night, you can see that the venue probably makes a tidy sum – on top of the prices they are already charging you for all the other services that day!

You can see where i’m coming from, ‘have your eyes wide open’. Spend your hard earned cash wisely and by all means use reputable DJs, but don’t be forced to pay over the top DJ prices.
I would genuinely like to talk to you if you need any help or guidance, especially if you feel ‘ripped off’ with the DJ Prices you’ve been asked to pay. Just drop me a line and tell me your story.

My DJ Prices

How I calculate the DJ Prices for  the service I provide. To book me to play at your function varies according to where your venue is, how easy the access for loading in is, and the duration that you wish me to play for. In the case of a wedding you may want me to set up early before the wedding breakfast, so that everything is out of the way and you don’t have any interruptions. I can cater for any of your needs, and at a very competitive price! No one who has booked me to DJ for them, has commented that I was too expensive.

You are welcome to play background music on a CD you bring along, on my equipment through your wedding breakfast, and with prior agreement, use my microphone for speeches.

If you’ve never seen me play before, just Google ‘Geoff Grove Reviews’, and (hopefully) they will all be good! 🙂

Hire a DJ at the right price. I can supply you with a very reasonable quote, and I would love to hear from you! Unlike some, I really care about making your night the best ever. I Enjoy DJing, every party I do is personal, I care about getting everything just right for you. Please contact me by filling out the form, or call me on 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 I assure you a quick response, and thank you for your custom.

The most important thing. You!

I’m here to DJ and work for you. My job is to delight you, the Bride and Groom (or the client), and make your guests very happy. This is your event. Whatever you want, that’s what I’m happy to do. Nothing is too much trouble. I’ll bring my expertise, you’re going to be happy with everything down to the smallest detail! And you can call me anytime to check DJ Prices, if you have any concerns, or you just want to check everything’s OK. 07790 200800

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