Locate a hall for hire in Essex using my website.

locate a Hall for hireI already display an A to Z list of Halls for Hire in our local area (Southend, Chelmsford and Billericay) but to compliment this I have made a Google Map so you can browse in a new and easy way. By using the map you can find a hall that perhaps you didn’t think of, or know it existed.

Map to help you to Locate a Hall for Hire in Essex

To use the map click and drag it to centre it for the area you wish to search for a hall, and then, using the + and – buttons (lower right) zoom in and out. The map overlays with Google Earth so you can see in greater detail and move around the neighbourhood.

Preview your chosen venue

When you click on a pushpin you will see the name of the hall, then you can scroll down on my A to Z list of Wedding Venues page and read about the hall, read my reviews and see photos of parties held there.