The Daily Mail features an article all about government Marriage Tax Breaks system. Tory campaigners urge Mr Cameron to increase the current level of Marriage Tax Breaks from £150 a year to £2000 for a couple.

Daily Mail – Marriage Tax Breaks Increase to £2000

A married couple would, under the proposed changes, benefit from annual tax breaks by £2000 a year as opposed to the current £150 a year.
An excerpt from the article in The Daily Mail says,

Married couples should be handed £2,000-a-year tax breaks to help them care for children at home, Tory MPs announced yesterday.

Handing them a generous allowance could ‘make a real difference’ to those with offspring aged under five, said former education minister Tim Loughton.

He is among party traditionalists who welcomed yesterday’s confirmation that David Cameron will bring forward plans to enshrine a marriage tax allowance in law ‘very soon’ – probably in the autumn.

But he said the Prime Minister’s pledge for a modest £150-a-year allowance did not go far enough to end the discrimination against marriage in the tax system.

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Marriage Tax Breaks Tempting ?

Is this really enough to tempt a couple into marriage though? With the basic cost of a wedding nowadays running in to tens of thousands of pounds, Marriage Tax Breaks of £2000 would be welcome, and at least pay for a free bar and a DJ at the wedding reception!