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From an early age I decided I wanted to be an Essex DJ and run my own Mobile Disco… I was so very interested in electronics. My brother John was a Mobile Disc Jockey & I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. I lived in Rayleigh, Essex when I was 13, and that’s when I designed and built with his help – what was to be my first Mobile Disco rig.

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I built the equipment from scratch - with my School Dinner money!

My first DJ setup used Rim Drive Turntables and the mixer section was designed by Maplin Elecrtronics. I used their design, and my brother constructed the wooden cabinet for me. In fact the first Amplifiers I ran it with were valve ones! I upgraded it to Belt Drive Turntables and higher quality cartridges, added Mos-Fet pre-amps, and eventually built new power amplifiers. At the time, 150 Watts was quite powerful!

I remember buying a Bass speaker cabinet – I could only afford one thing at a time, and I carried it from Maplins along the London Road by The Cricketers Pub, all the way to Southend Victoria train Station. Then, once I got to Rayleigh Station, I carried it on my own all the way home. I was bursting with excitement as it all gradually came together.

Essex DJ Geoff Grove: How I started out..

I started by providing the music at Rayleigh Football Club presentations, helped around with the equipment by friends fathers using their cars. My first gig-a football club evening, was at Castle Road Hall, Rayleigh. Thanks to Dave Negus & Brian Dearman for driving me, helping carry my DJ equipment everywhere! I had help from a number of mates & my nephew Lee over the following years lugging the Mobile Disco equipment around & setting it up.

On my first night out, those at the party had a whip round for me & I took home £12. I charged £25 per gig for my next bookings, that was back in 1979! Earning some money doing something I loved was a great feeling. Back in those days £25 a week was a big increase in pocket money!

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My first taste of Soul Music

At 13 I discovered Soul Music, Funk, Disco and Fusion. I listened avidly to Greg Edwards on Capital, Tony Blackburn, Robbie Vincent on Radio London, Dave Brown on Radio Medway,  and Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson. I regularly visited Mr Record Man shop in The Chase, Rayleigh buying Import 12″ vinyl and albums with saved school dinner money.

Zero 6 was also a regular haunt for me, with Ian Reading ‘raising the roof’ back then. I loved Zero 6 on a Wednesday & Zero 6 on a Friday. Later came Fat Sams in Basildon (Crest Hotel) with Andy John, and The Windmill, South Hanningfield with Bob Felton and Gary Dennis. I admired Mobile DJ Bob Felton’s extensive music knowledge.

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Then came John Leech on Essex Radio – he built up a huge following for him, and the station. Kiss FM was next with David Roddigan, Bobby & Steve’s ‘Zoo Experience’ and Trevor ‘Madhatter’. Kiss FM, in it’s early days, was hugely inspirational to me. I loved Black Soul Music, just couldn’t get enough of it.

Essex DJ Geoff Grove: Looking ahead

Over the years my Mobile Disco Equipment has changed & I am currently putting the finishing touches to a complete new setup. The top of the range mixer shown is an Allen & Heath, I have taken the ‘no compromise on quality’ approach. The gear must be reliable & sound excellent every time without exception.

My aim is to match – or better what most Mobile Essex DJ have to offer in terms of equipment quality, & music choice, whilst maintaining very competitive rates. My diary is busy, however there’s no room for complacency!

Good luck with your search for a Mobile Disco, Mobile DJ or Disc Jockey in the Essex area. If you are attending a wedding fayre please get in touch with me and arm yourself with a quote, and plenty of friendly, free advice!
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