What is the average price for a Wedding DJ ? Are some DJ prices too expensive?

Price for a wedding DJ

I recently took a call from a client wishing to book a disco and DJ for his Wedding Reception to be held at a top Wedding Venue in Essex. In conversation I said that if he phoned around for DJ quotes they may vary wildly. I also asked about the price for a Wedding DJ that he had been quoted for. He told me that they wanted £400 for a DJ for the evening – that the DJ himself would be paid £250 and the Top Wedding Venue would pocket £150 for the referral. Whilst I can’t confirm this it does pay to shop around, obtain a few quotes, and perhaps try and see the DJ in action.
Another Top Wedding Venue has lighting above the dancefloor area. They ‘hire’ it to you, and will only turn the lights on if you’ve paid them £135 extra. That’s something that could have been included when hiring their wedding venue, paying out for the Wedding Breakfast and spending hard earnt cash at the bar.
Some venues attempt to make it harder for outside DJs to perform, asking for this and that paperwork, perhaps because the venues owners miss out on some extra commission.
What annoys me, seeing it from a concientious Wedding Entertainers view, is that various Brides and Grooms are being exploited with inflated prices and large unnecessary profits. Add them all together and it’s no wonder Wedding Receptions are so expensive.
When you book your DJ try and deal direct with your DJ. Avoid paying too higher price for a Wedding DJ. Apply the same logic to many other Wedding Services that you may require and you could save a considerable amount when planning your Wedding Reception Party.