I’ve just been contacted by a bride and groom looking to get married at Crondon Park on a Thursday and after a price wedding DJ Crondon Park for their reception at this lovely venue.

Wedding DJ Crondon Park – My price deal midweek

Wedding DJ Crondon ParkThey are having their wedding reception at Crondon Park on a Thursday in 2013, and lots of couples planning a wedding reception are choosing a wedding on a week day to keep the price of the venue, and the various other services to a minimum.
They told me they had been quoted £390 pounds for a DJ on a Thursday night at Crondon Park to DJ from 8pm through til 12am for a midweek wedding in 2013. I can’t verify this, but it’s what they told me.
Now it’s up to the wedding venues what they charge the bride and groom for their reception, but look around my various DJ and wedding venue websites and you will see that I’m about giving value for money and a good service at reasonable prices. Indeed one top wedding venue in Essex I was told, charges £400 for a DJ but only pays them £250.
I can’t vouch for their DJ or his equipment and show, but just be aware as a couple planning a wedding reception it’s well worth shopping around and getting independent prices and quotes. Try to see your chosen DJ in action, so you know what service you’re getting for your money. You can save your hard earn’t cash and put it towards an extra special honeymoon!

Preferred Supliers List

Some wedding venues have a preferred suppliers list – people or services they recommend to couples like you. It’s a captive audience for them as you are ‘wowed’ by the surroundings and taken in with visions of your perfect day. Your dream wedding. Bear in mind that sometimes performers, DJ’s etc are not on these lists purely because they are the best. Some DJ’s have often parted with sums in the region of £400 a year to be on these lists.

My Midweek Wedding DJ Crondon Park Prices

Geoff-Grove-BlogWhat did I quote the couple? For me to be your Wedding DJ Crondon Park from 8 until 12 at I would charge £250 so that might have saved them a bit of money. I can also possibly save you money if you require a toastmaster or photographer.

Want even more value for money? I’ll bring a camera along and for a small charge take pictures after your wedding camera man has gone home. I can capture the moment on the dance floor right up until the close of your reception. See here DJ Photographer Package
Shop around, and have your eyes wide open to the various charges. If my article saves you money, email me! I will publish your experiences and in sharing what you have found, will help other couples planning a wedding reception.
Good luck, and call me if I can be of any help! 01702 200800