Rayleigh Club Willow Room

The Rayleigh Club Willow Room is the ideal size and layout for a Birthday Party or Wedding Reception suitable for 80 to 150 guests.
A sumptuous buffet can be prepared and the food is really tasty! Staff at The Rayleigh Club are very helpful, maintaining a high standard of service.

Carla's 40th Birthday

I had the pleasure of DJing at Carla’s 40th Birthday at The Rayleigh Club Willow Room. Check out the photos showing her amazing birthday cake. Carla had a Photo Booth and as guests put some of the wigs and hats on I photographed them.


Rayleigh Club Willow Room Photos

The party was a massive hit with all her guests and the dance floor was packed all night. It was my birthday too on the same day, Valentines day, and although I was DJing I still had a great night!

Here are a selection of photos from the party. You can share this page with any friends on Facebook, or via email. You will need the password to view or download photos – Carla will supply.

Rayleigh Club

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