Sands Bistro

Tonight I paid my first visit to Sands Bistro Southend and experienced my first time performing there as DJ. Each venue I perform at I write an article, so here’s my Sands Bistro review, to help people like you choose wisely and for the right reasons.

Sands Bistro Review

Sands Bistro Southend Seafront is nestled between Southend Pier, Southend Radio and Peter Pans Playground. It has a great crisp modern look, very smart. Make your way into the restaurant area and…Wow! Looks fabulous!

Now I haven’t eaten at Sands Bistro yet but I instantly loved the decor and if the food lives up to the same standard I’m going to really enjoy a meal here. A member of Staff greeted me, very efficient, polite and helpful.

Sands Bistro Review

I explained I was going to be DJ at a wedding reception at Sands Bistro and the lady showed me through to a second bar area, then a luxurious decked area complete with LED lighting, designer gas flame patio heaters, and then into a covered room. This has a convex ceiling which electrically opens, turning the whole room into an indoor / outdoor area. Think along the lines of Thunderbirds when the ground ‘parts’ and the aircraft launches 🙂

Sands Bistro

Access for DJs and bands performing at Sands is straight forward. Drive down the service road and once parked you just carry your equipment up a few steps and you’re straight in to where you set up.

It doesn’t impact on where people are eating as you will be performing in the function suite and the guests will be eating in the Sands Restaurant area, so there’s no need for an early setup

Sands Southend
Tracey's 50th Birthday Photos

Tracey's 50th Birthday Party Photos

If you have the password you can view or download Tracy’s party photos here. You can share with friends and family around the world!

Natalie ties the knot in style

Natalie Deacon’s wedding was fantastic! I particularly loved her request list which combined Old School Classics, Funky House and current chart dance tunes. There were people on the dance floor all night and Sands Bistro was ‘rocking’!

Sands Bistro Southend Wedding Venue

You can hire Sands Bistro for all kinds of functions. Because they have the second bar, decking and covered room area your party guests aren’t forced to mix with other diners in the public area.

Below are more photos from Paula and Alex wedding. Click on a photo to enlarge. You can order a complete CD of all the shots at high resolution for just £9.99 and I post out direct to you or relatives.
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Sands Wedding

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