Wedding Venues, Party Venues & Function Rooms – How to choose

When choosing Wedding Venues, Party Venues, Function Rooms there are some important points to consider.

Wedding Venues, Party Venues, Function Rooms, Banqueting Suite - how to select wisely!

Party Venues - Checklist:

1. How many guests have you invited, what’s the capacity of the function rooms?
2. Are the DJ and dance floor area in a separate function rooms to the bar?
3. What time have you got the Wedding Venues, Party Venues until, what time does the music have to stop, and what time does the bar close?
4. Will people be likely to drink heavily, if the Wedding Venues remote will taxis be a problem?
5. Can the function rooms lighting  be infinitely varied with a dimmer for later in the evening? Or is it ‘all or nothing’? Don’t forget you may want to illuminate the buffet without lighting up the rest of the dance floor area thereby losing some of the atmosphere.
6. Is there a sound limiter installed? With some Wedding Venues, Party Venues they are very sensitive and can cut the power to the DJ. Check with the venue before hand.


1. It is always far easier for the DJ to create that ‘buzz’ in the banqueting suite if the numbers you have coming match, or near the capacity of the hall. Lots of party-goers, a little less seating, and plenty of girls (because they are the ones who do the most dancing) are a good combination. If your function room is a bit too large for your crowd ask the staff if they have ‘dividers’ or ‘screens’. So that you can cordon part of the banqueting suite off, shrinking it to make it more intimate.

2. From an entertainers perspective it’s difficult to ‘bond’ with your audience and captivate them if half of them are either outside or in a different room. If, for instance you have some elderly people at your party-or guests that want to have an ‘escape’ space, then this might suit you perfectly. Just be aware that some Wedding Venues, Party Venues layouts can fragment your guests and could adversely affect the atmosphere and mood you wish to create.

3. Caution-‘Last orders’, ‘Bar Closing’, and ‘Music Off’ are three times that you want to be clear of from the outset. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them. Be clear about what time the music has to finish, and what time you have to be out of the hall.

Party Venues - Things you should know...

4. If your hiring your party venues on a Sunday night, or if most guests are driving there will be less guests drinking, therefore a little less dancing.

5. Lighting (or specifically the lack of) is conducive to getting more feet on your dance floor! Do not overlook it. You need light by the buffet but ask the staff if you can adjust the lighting over the dance floor to a minimum as the evening progresses. People are less self conscious if they think they aren’t ‘on show’. Lower the lighting as soon as the buffet has finished and watch the effect!

6. Sound limiters are only a major problem if you have a live band, as they tend to be louder. Check with the venue, in isolated cases if it’s really sensitive it can be literally a pain in the neck. DJ’s watching the ‘cut off’ light all night try to keep it as loud as possible without tripping it! Your entertainer may be able to run an extension lead from another socket ‘bypassing’ the trip, however the staff may not be happy if they find out!

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