Wickham Bishops Village Hall

Wickham Bishops Village Hall surprised me when I turned up there to perform! ‘Village Hall’ belies it’s true size – more like the ‘Albert Hall of Village Halls’. Large enough for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary and engagement parties. It’s well laid out and well priced, has a huge curtained stage area, and the bar is in the same room so your guests stay in one place and aren’t fragmented.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall Review

Wickham Bishops Village Hall Function Room is large enough to cope with any sized party, and the stage is a perfect size for any DJ or live band entertainment.

I was selected to be the DJ at a large wedding at the Village Hall.
So I bought my camera along and took a few photos. I offer an event photographer and DJ package for those that wish to capture the good times as they happen.

Wickham Bishops Village-hall-hire

Wickham Bishops Village Hall Function Room Hire

You are welcome to bring your own food and arrange your own catering.

All of the staff were friendly, and service at the bar area was brisk.

Loading in and setting up for the DJ or band has been made easy with good access from the car park.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall

DJ and Photographer package

You can book me to DJ at your party, and for a small extra fee if you require, I can take photos all night and put on CD for you to enjoy.

All photos are at high resolution on a CD or memory stick, posted to your door. Simply call me on 01702 200800 to discuss your requirements.

Wickham Bishops Hall Summary

This is a large Village Hall offering great value for money, good bar service. It does however have a sound limiter which I found to be particularly sensitive to bass. Therefore if you have a band (which are often louder than a DJ) you need to be careful with the volume. If the limiter activates it will cut the power to all sockets and the reset button is on the unit high above the door at the rear of the hall.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall Function

Wickham Village Hall address is:

Church Road, Wickham Bishops, Witham, Essex CM8 3JZ
Bookings Clerk: 07543033783 or via e-mail: margaret18b@yahoo.co.uk

If my Wickham Bishops Village Hall review has helped you to choose a venue for your party please let them know when you call for a quote!
If I can help you with a quote for a DJ or photographer please get in touch! Have a great party!

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