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The Yellow Advertiser Southend, in conjunction with Google, have written an article on me 11th October 2012. Here it is!

Yellow Advertiser October 2014 Article about Geoff Grove

By Charles Thomson

A HOCKLEY entrepreneur is developing 150 online businesses even though he is already so busy that he has to outsource work.
Geoff Grove, 46, of Heycroft Rd, already runs websites marketing himself as a Handyman, a Telephone Engineer, a DJ and a Pet Photographer.

He started his first job, working as a DJ, when he was just 13.
He explained: “My brother used to DJ and I liked electronics. I fancied building something big and decided to build a disco with all the lights and stuff. Then I started DJ-ing for football clubs and things like that. My friends’ parents would drive me around.”

He was resident DJ at Quilters, in Billericay, for 12 years and currently plays at Bar Plazma in Wickford, as well as holding his own regular Soul Night at the Hockley Community Centre.

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PICTURE MARK CLEVELAND 08/10/2012 ©Yellow Advertiser 2012 Geoff Grove ,Hockley DJ and entrepreneur

By day, Geoff worked as a BT telephone engineer for 23 years but took voluntary redundancy in 2009 and began working freelance.
He said: “My friend Steve kept telling me, ‘Get yourself a website’. I’d say, ‘What do I need a website for?’ He’d always laugh at me.
“Eventually he built me a website and taught me how to do it as he went.”

After learning the art, Geoff built websites marketing each of his businesses – DJ, engineer, handyman and even pet photographer.
He now gets so much work that he has to outsource it.

He said: “It’s really uplifting when you realise how much business is out there. I supply five other DJs with work now. I’ve already got bookings for 2014.

“By twiddling with my telephone website I’ve managed to pick up business from all over the country, so I pass that work on to engineers in the areas and they pay me a commission online.”

Geoff said he was so excited about online business opportunities that he had bought more than 150 web domains and had business ideas for all of them.

He said: “I’ve only built 14 or 15 so far, so I’ve got a lot more work to do.”
• Geoff’s next Soul Night will be held at the Hockley Community Centre on Saturday. Buy tickets, £6 each, at Soul Night Party Tickets